What to Expect During the Procedure:

BEFORE THE PROCEDURE: Consult with your provider to find out if they recommend giving pain management before or after the procedure.  Prior to the procedure ask your doctor or pharmacist about dosages based on age and weight. Bring appropriate pain medication with you to the procedure as well.

They will use numbing medication during the procedure, and the use of a laser means that there is actually very little discomfort anyway. The patient does not have to be placed under anesthesia but there are some cases where it is necessary. If any bleeding occurs, it’s likely to be only a drop or two of blood. The surgery will only take a few minutes. Some offices give you the option of coming in during the procedure; other doctors prefer the parent in the waiting room. For non-laser procedures, they use sterile scissors to snip the frenulum free. A suture helps it heal with a smaller scar line.  Babies will generally cry as soon as they are restrained and crying can continue for varying amounts of time after the procedure is complete. Some babies are fussier than others and may refuse the breast for a few hours after the release but some latch on and nurse better than before. After the procedure, a baby can breast or bottle feed immediately. The office staff will review the stretching exercises before you leave the office. They will also tell you what foods to avoid while healing if you or your child is eating solids.

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