Appliances for Mouth Expansion

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Please note…  Consider the expansion of the palate or jaw before the release to ensure there is enough room for the tongue to sit properly for correct tongue posture.  For example,  a tongue may not fit comfortably in a high narrow palate.  An expansion can help open up the airway as well.

Myofunctional therapy is necessary along with an appliance so the muscles hold all the expansion. Using devices for jaw growth is actually treating the symptom. The cause is the oral muscles not doing their job correctly. Therefore, frenulums must be checked so all the muscles can move with ease

What is Epigenetics?

Airway Remodeling by the World-Renowned Dr. David Singh
It is possible to remodel the upper airway non-surgically. This procedure relies on an epigenetic response, which means you harness a patient’s own genetic potential for a correction. In this way, the facial bone volume increases, the upper airway volume increases, and the clinical effects include improved facial appearance and tooth alignment. But most importantly, the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea have been eliminated, even with no device in the patient’s mouth while asleep.

What is Epigenetics – Commack, NY & Upper East Side New York, NY

It is highly suggested to research if the dentist has special training:

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